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The Best Spa Treatments in Woodbury and Maplewood by Expert Aestheticians

Melissa-Anderson-web.jpgMelissa Anderson

Melissa has been in the Aesthetic industry for more than 15 years she has been an Aesthetic Injection Specialist for over 10 years. She is educated in facial anatomy which is essential for providing the best and safest procedures. She has advanced training in injecting neuromodulators (Botox, Xeomin and Jeuveau) and dermal fillers (Radiesse, Belotero Balance, Juvederm Ultra XC, Juvederm Plus XC, Voluma XC, and Versa.) Melissa is also a certified Laser Technician, and a licensed Aesthetician with education and training focused mainly on the medical side of the field. Melissa is passionate about staying on top of the latest trainings, education, and developments in this constantly growing field. As the manager of Rejuvenation, she takes pride in offering the most effective procedures and products to our clients and keeping our Spa at the forefront of the industry.

She says, "My favorite part of working in this industry is getting to know my patients and working with them to achieve their specific beauty goals. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone feel beautiful in their own skin!"

cortney-ziegler-rn.jpgCortney Ziegler, RN

Cortney specializes in a number of different medically-based treatments including injections, body contouring, vaginal rejuvenation, and our medical weight loss programs. As a nurse, Cortney loves the way the whole team has been encouraged to develop a special relationship with each woman who comes to Minnesota Women's Care – an expression of our foundation that puts our patients and their needs first. She says, "I love it that we can get to know our patients. It allows women to share their most intimate concerns, even the needs that others might consider to be aesthetic in nature. As a nurse, it's incredibly rewarding to be able to offer solutions, solve problems, and to make every woman's life a little better." 

emily-johnson-mnwcare.jpgEmily Johnson

Emily is a licensed AP Esthetician and certified Laser Technician. She is passionate about making women feel confident in their own skin. She says, "I'm truly blessed to meet and engage with women from all walks of life. I have a true sense of understanding for my clients and what they may be experiencing. After struggling through my own issues with skin problems and unwanted hair, I can relate. I am so pleased to be able to offer a solution. Working in such a woman-empowering environment is very rewarding. " 

kayleen-anderson-mnwcare.jpgKayleen Anderson

Kayleen took an indirect route to the work she now does. Once she completed her business degree, she decided it wasn't the life for her. She went back to school to study to be an aesthetician – the perfect job for her. She says, "I love that this industry is constantly changing and becoming better! It just means there is always something new to learn and apply. I love working with women and helping them achieve their goals. My degree encompasses women's studies so being in an environment that's so empowering to women is really important to me. It's what I love about Minnesota Women's Care."

Our Executive & Medical Director

dr-melvin-ashford-mn.jpgDr. Melvin Ashford
Executive & Medical Director 

Dr. Ashford has dedicated his career to women's health. As a physician, he says he has three important rules to live by with his patients' concerns: "Listen. Listen. And Listen." By listening, he became keenly aware of a number of pelvic floor conditions that were being overlooked and under-treated – conditions like prolapse and incontinence. Even though these conditions had a horrible impact on a woman's quality of life, the women had often been told to "just live with it." He was determined to provide answers and help women get back to their lives. As a result, he was one of the first physicians in the nation to be board certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (Urogynecology). Dr. Ashford is known in the Twin Cities as a skilled pelvic surgeon and has proven experience helping women with the worst pelvic floor disorders.

From listening Dr. Ashford realized that not only medical concerns, but cosmetic concerns could also have a negative impact on womens' self-esteem and quality of life. For women determined to correct the signs of aging or life events, he heard how they searched for effective treatments. For some, it meant using treatments that were medical in nature, but delivered in an environment without the rigorous standards of a medical environment. Again, this was something that needed to change.

The foundation of Minnesota Women's Care is to provide the care that women need and want – and to deliver that care professionally and without judgement. For some women, aesthetic concerns are just as powerful as physical concerns in keeping women away from achieving the life they want to live. From this understanding, the Spa at Minnesota Women's Care began to take shape. 

Under Dr. Ashford's wise guidance, Rejuvenation by Minnesota Women's Care exists to provide women with the safest, most effective aestheic treatments available. Whatever your concerns may be, we're ready to listen and provide respectful, personalized care. In Dr. Ashford's words, "Stop coping. Start living!"


Melissa Anderson

Cortney Ziegler

Emily Johnson

Kayleen Anderson


Dr. Melvin Ashford