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Lose the weight for good with our medically-based approach to safe and natural weight loss.  

Lose weight and keep it off. 

Let’s face it. We all know the way to lose weight: Eat less and exercise more. But we also all know it's easier said than done. For some women, losing weight isn't about calorie restriction or ramped up exercise. There's a reason why it's more difficult. If you're serious about losing weight, try our approach. 

Our Comprehensive Approach to Weight Management

At Minnesota Women's Care, we look at weight loss differently. We are focused on looking at all of the factors that impact weight loss: medical factors, the kinds of diet options that work for you, your metabolism, and more. Each woman is unique and each woman needs an approach that works for her.

Among the tools we use for weight loss is the HCG Diet.   

The HCG Difference

Most dieters fail for two reasons: 

  •     Lack of quick visible results
  •     Hunger pains and cravings resulting in busting the diet 

HCG is a natural occurring hormone that is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. It DOES NOT CAUSE WEIGHT LOSS! If you’re looking for a magic pill or injection that will melt the fat off while you lounge - this is not for you.

The HCG diet requires a very low calorie diet – 500 calories a day to be exact. The low calorie diet is what causes the weight loss.

Why do I need HCG?

HCG stops hunger and the drive to eat. Any eating over the 500 calorie diet by participants is not due to hunger but rather psychology/social factors. The hunger stops. As a result, completing a 500 calorie diet for a month is much easier to accomplish.

Most important: HCG spares the muscles. Multiple clinical studies have shows that HCG prevents the muscle catabolism that usually accompanies a low calorie diet. This is HUGE. Sparing the muscles results in maintenance of the metabolic rate. Maintaining a high metabolic rate is key to keeping the weight off when the diet is done.

Patients in our office have lab and urine test weekly. There are no signs of catabolism or starvation in our patients on HCG. Most say they have to remind themselves to eat!


Medical Weight Management

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